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The effect of lattice wave on the improvement of periarthritis

(1) Ma Kunxiang, Tianlin Garden Store, Shijiazhuang

Frozen shoulder has been in pain for 3 and a half years, and the entire back is stiff and tight. ,脱上衣特别慢,稍微抬胳膊姿势不对就疼, 洗脸时手都摸不到脖子 ,不敢吹空调,有时疼得晚上都睡不着觉。 I ca n’t lift my arm, take off my coat very slowly, it hurts if I raise my arm slightly, I ca n’t touch my neck when I wash my face, I do n’t dare to blow the air conditioner, sometimes I ca n’t sleep at night.

后背柔软轻松没有紧绷压迫感了,后背热了暖了, 穿脱上衣不疼了, 洗脸可以洗到后脖子了, 睡眠超好 After shoulder shoulder improvement course 10 times: the back is soft and relaxed, there is no sense of tightness, the back is warm and warm, and it is not painful to wear and take off the shirt. You can wash your face to the back of your neck, and sleep well.

(B) Zhang Lei of Tianlin Garden Store in Shijiazhuang

,有时候不小心吹着了会特别疼,手背不过去,影响睡眠,晚上睡不好! I have suffered from shoulder periarthritis for 2 years . I have been working at my desk for a long time. I obviously feel pain for more than half a year. When I am wearing clothes, my arms are struggling to lift up. I ca n’t take heavy objects. My arms will feel sore , sometimes I accidentally blow them. Will be particularly painful, the back of the hand does not pass, affecting sleep, sleep well at night!

感觉后背和脖子都轻松了,局部疼痛明显改善,晚上睡眠也得到改善了. 手臂往后抬三角肌肩甲骨缝也不没那么紧绷了,松软了许多,不疼了 After doing the shoulder shoulder improvement course 10 times: I feel that my back and neck are relaxed, my local pain is obviously improved, and my sleep at night is also improved. The arm lifts the deltoid muscle and the shoulder bone seam is not so tight and soft. A lot, no pain

(3) Chengdu Jinsha Second Store

扣内衣都成问题,同时手臂一阵阵钻心的 ,医生诊断为 肩周炎颈椎病和肌腱损伤 ,经历了针灸、拔罐、艾灸、输液消炎、贴药膏、微波、超声波、红外线烤灯、手工按摩等多项目治疗,虽然有一点好转,但是手往后扣的时候仍然会有撕裂的疼痛。 Suddenly the arm could not be lifted in May , and the buttoning of underwear was a problem. At the same time, the arm was piercing . The doctor diagnosed periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, and tendon injury , and experienced acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, infusion anti-inflammatory, plaster, Multi-item treatments such as microwave, ultrasound, infrared baking lamp, manual massage, etc., although a little better, but there will still be tearing pain when the hand is buckled back.

手臂活动恢复度基本上已经达到80% ,肩颈酸痛无力也有了很大的改善 After doing the shoulder shoulder improvement course 9 times: the recovery of arm movement has basically reached 80% , and the pain in the shoulder and neck has also improved greatly.

(4) Zhao Hua of Chengdu Auchan Store

,医生诊断为 颈椎骨质增生 ,两侧椎管变窄,肩关节退行性变, 一个姿势不能保持太久,每次梳头发都不能举过头顶,上厕所往后转都很痛 I have suffered from periarthritis of the shoulder for 10 years . The doctor diagnosed cervical hyperosteosis , narrowed spinal canals on both sides, degenerative shoulder joints, and couldn't keep one posture for too long. I couldn't lift my hair over my head every time I went to the toilet. It hurts after turning around .

梳头发可以举过头顶 ,睡眠改善了,不会像之前痛的睡不着,现在每天起来都感觉精神很好了,肩颈疼痛改善明显,两侧大板筋软了很多, 主要是整个上半身都轻松了 After shoulder shoulder improvement course is done 10 times: combing hair can be raised above the head , sleep improved, and I won't be able to fall asleep like before, now I feel better every day. The ribs are a lot softer, the main thing is that the entire upper body is relaxed.

(V) Huang Jiaojiao in Guangzhou Phoenix Store

,还会出现麻痹,晚上痛的睡不着,会起床热敷。 Shoulder movement is limited, the arm cannot be lifted, it is very painful , and paralysis may occur. If you cannot sleep at night, you will get up and apply heat.

手臂可以举过头顶了,也可以扣内衣了 ,活动非常轻松,晚上睡眠质量变好了可以一觉睡到天亮,之前的肩膀麻痹,冰凉感也改善了 After shoulder shoulder improvement course 10 times: the arm can be raised above the head, or the underwear can be buttoned down , the activity is very relaxed, the sleep quality at night can be improved, you can sleep until dawn, the shoulders are paralyzed, and the cold feeling is improved Up

(VI) Yao Xiaoyan, Customer of Xi'an Bize Store

,不能提重物,平时都是穿衣服都是把肩捂得很严实,严重影响睡眠。 The shoulder leaks and cannot lift heavy objects. Usually I wear clothes and cover my shoulders very tightly, which seriously affects sleep.

肩颈轻松了,胳膊往后抬比之前轻松了, 脖子没之前感觉凉了 .拉绳比之前轻松多了。 After doing the shoulder shoulder improvement course 5 times: the shoulder and neck are relaxed, the arms are lifted back easier than before, and the neck feels cooler than before. The drawstring is much easier than before.

(7) Nanjing Oriental City Store

、疼痛向手肘部延伸、肩膀感觉凉,总觉得肩膀处有凉风, 手臂不能上举不能外展 Shoulder pain is uncomfortable , the pain extends to the elbows, the shoulder feels cold, I always feel that there is a cool wind on the shoulder, and the arm cannot be lifted up and cannot be abducted

做后 肩膀疼痛改善,手臂轻松上抬、外展 ,做完身体发热,很舒服 After shoulder shoulder improvement course 10 times: After doing the shoulder pain improvement, the arm is easily lifted and abducted, and the body is feverish and comfortable

(8) Wang Linyu, Suzhou Times Store

,总觉得肩膀处有凉风,手臂发麻,经常痛,有时痛得睡不着。 Shoulder pain is uncomfortable. The pain extends to the elbows. The shoulder feels cold . I always feel cool wind on my shoulders. My arms are numb. It often hurts and sometimes I can't sleep.

不麻了,疼痛好了很多,凉得感觉好很多了 ,基本现在睡觉没有任何影响 After shoulder shoulder improvement course 10 times: no numbness, much better pain, much cooler feeling , basically no effect on sleeping now

(9) Chen Yiping, Changsha Xiangfu Store

,开车会觉得手臂和肩膀酸疼、头往两边靠会痛。 Frozen shoulder disease history: 9 years, shoulder and neck strain developed to dizziness, nausea, heart distress, palpitation, cold shoulder and neck, shoulder and neck stiffness , driving will feel sore arms and shoulders, head to both sides will hurt.

肩颈轻松了很多,背包也感觉轻松了,肩颈不那么痛了,自测动作也能轻松抬上来了,头往旁边侧也不痛了, 没有之前想呕吐的现象了,没有出现胸闷的现象了! After shoulder shoulder improvement course 10 times: the shoulder and neck are much relaxed, the backpack is also relaxed, the shoulder and neck are not so painful, the self-test movements can be easily lifted up, and the head is no longer painful to the side, no I want to vomit before, there is no chest tightness!

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