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Xiuyu Company was established in April 2005. After 14 years of development, Xiuyu has developed into a nationwide chain organization that integrates family health management, weight loss, beauty, and medical beauty. Its subsidiaries include Xiuyu Technology Health, Spring Micro Plastic Surgery, Xiu Nier high-end underwear customization, China Tang Health Care, Tangda Technology, Baoqi Food, Meitu Food Replacement in Japan, Yingpailai Import and Export Corporation, Yijun Wang, etc. Brand stores spread to more than 40 large and medium-sized cities across the country. In 2013, the number of brand stores surpassed 1,000, with more than 10,000 employees. Leading companies in the health industry have been established in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu as the center and radiated to various provinces across the country.


秀域 Chinese name: Show domain

集家庭健康管理、减肥、美容、医美等一体的连锁机构 Concept: A chain organization that integrates family health management, weight loss, beauty, medical beauty, etc.

2005 年4月 Founded: April 2005

北京、上海、成都等 Distribution cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc.

李晓宁 Chairman: Li Xiaoning

诚信经营,踏实做事 Business philosophy: honest management, practical work


Company Profile

年,秀域科技健康正式从女性服务转型为以家庭为单位的健康管理,春语为非手术皮肤管理及高端健康医疗。 In 2019 , Xiuyu Technology Health has officially transformed from female services to family-based health management, and Spring Language has non-surgical skin management and high-end health care. Xiuyu has a strong team of experts. The core of the health management project is derived from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with high-tech technology, to achieve more effective health improvement.

是在南方医科大学博士生导师、国家863项目组原林教授的带领下,经过5年研发,上线四年的时间,累计27万顾客接受了这项服务。 Xiuyu ’s lattice wave, the core project of Xiuyu, is led by the doctoral tutor of Southern Medical University and Professor Yuan Lin of the National 863 Project Team. After 5 years of R & D and four years of online, a total of 270,000 customers have accepted this service. Lattice wave is a technological breakthrough in all traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy methods. It has magical effects in sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation, pain treatment, and various aseptic inflammation of fasciitis, synovitis, periarthritis, occipital, vasculitis, etc. Improvements, customer stories abound.

是由潘晓海、陈萍教授历时13年研发而来。 The super-V thermal power of Xiuyu 's core project was developed by Pan Xiaohai and Professor Chen Ping over 13 years. Under the guidance of the Japanese professor Ishihara, "temperature determines health", based on the traditional health theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it is the scientific and technological realization of traditional health methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Hyper-V thermodynamic force is the nemesis of chills. It goes online to make more than 50,000 chills a year. The customer's health problems have been improved, and the results are amazing! Hyper-V Thermodynamics has successively launched the warm palace course, menopausal conditioning course, warm back and cold course, summer detoxification course, pelvic guard, men's Fuyang solid course and the Xiuyu lattice wave project combined shoulder shoulder health improvement course, prostate Health improvement courses and more.

秀域古方减肥不断创新突破,2019年正式推出秀域全营养科技减肥5.0版本。 Xiuyu Fist Project Xiuyu 5.0 total nutrition technology to lose weight, Xiuyu ancient recipes continue to innovate and lose weight, in 2019 officially launched the Xiuyu total nutrition technology to lose weight version 5.0. The use of traditional ancient recipes for weight loss, modern nutrition, and modern medical technology to make weight loss easier and more effective, shorter balance period, lower rebound rate, fat loss without nutrition loss, healthier body, and skin relaxation. Xiuyu 5.0 total nutrition weight loss was first launched in the market after two rounds of 1000 employees or more, and also launched the home weight loss DYI version.

Comprehensive treatment of weight loss surgery and botulinum gastrointestinal injection. The world-famous father of bariatric surgery, the inventor of stomach shrinking and stomach band folding surgery, Professor Huang Zhizheng, is the first doctor in the world to succeed in surgical treatment of diabetes, and is a benchmark in the Asian medical community. Professor Huang Zhiyi's exquisite medicine not only changed the life of fat friends, but also revived many patients with diabetes. The latest comprehensive treatment of botulinum toxin has turned weight loss into a dream that can come true after half an hour of sleep. Xiuyu 5.0 High-Egg Low-Carbon Weight Loss, Japan Meto Nutritional Meal Replacement, Korea Cosmece Ice Beauty Carving, Taiwan Botulinum Toxin Comprehensive Treatment Method, Weight Loss Surgery Center, China University of Chinese Medicine Solutions for weight loss.


,春语洪伟院长进行了两年多的不断研究和探索,组成了一支强大的皮肤科非手术专家团队。 For the creation of the contours of Chunyu's characteristic projects , Dean Hongwei of Chunyu has conducted continuous research and exploration for more than two years to form a strong team of non-surgery experts in dermatology. President Hong Wei has won many awards in the Chinese medical community. He innovatively proposed a small, high-frequency, mixed-use injection scheme, and led a young medical team through regular and strict spring language internal doctor training. Provided injection services to more than 100,000 customers in 2018. At the same time, Dean Hong Wei also innovatively proposed a liquid collagen ultrasonic knife method, combined with the improvement of the comprehensive line carving of the quick-cure line, so that non-surgical anti-aging and younger age has a better solution.

,2018年春语引进赛诺秀蜂巢皮秒,运用多种光电设备联合治疗。 The freckle of spring language special items . In 2018, the language of spring language was introduced to Sano Xiu honeycomb picosecond, and a variety of optoelectronic equipment combined treatment. At the same time, in terms of skin nutrition metabolism, the most distinctive composite water and light treatment of Spring Language was launched. The joint launch of these two treatment schemes has fundamentally changed the skin's nutrition, elasticity, spot removal and rejuvenation. Chunyu is also the first to propose sebum membrane repair in the industry. For customers with hormone-dependent dermatitis and allergies, this is the most important way to rebuild skin health.


company culture

家庭健康管理中心 Goal: Family Health Management Center

诚信经营,踏实做事 Business philosophy: honest management, practical work

诚信、尊重、责任、胸怀 Core values: Integrity, respect, responsibility, mind

服务到心,信守承诺 Service standards: service to heart, keep promises


Xiuyu Development History

年,年底拓展26家; In 2005 , 26 companies were expanded by the end of the year;

The first store was established in Chengdu;

年,门店突破120家; In 2006 , the number of stores exceeded 120;

8 branches including Beijing, Xi'an, Kunming, Fuzhou and Chongqing established;

年,门店突破200家; In 2007 , the number of stores exceeded 200;

Hangzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Urumqi and other branches established;

年,门店突破300家; In 2008 , the number of stores exceeded 300;

Established branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Changsha;

年,门店突破500家; In 2009 , the number of stores exceeded 500;

Wuhan, Guiyang, Ningbo, Suzhou, Lanzhou, Qingdao, Nantong, Nanning, Harbin, Changchun and other branches established;


The number of stores exceeded 1,000, and 41 large and medium-sized cities across the country set up direct sales branches, and the nationwide layout was initially completed;


First Spring Language Medical Cosmetic Clinic was established in Shanghai, marking Xiuyu's entry into the medical beauty industry;


Fengde Dental Clinic joined Chunyu and Xiuyu entered the era of cosmetic diversification;

2016 year

Xiuyu's transformation to technology and internet


The number of spring language medical clinics will reach 36, and the number of Xiuyu beauty salons will reach 1012.


Xiuyu Health Technology joined hands with the Chinese National Women's Basketball Team to help multiple marathon and supercar athletes, inject new vitality into the health field with scientific and technological strength, and lay the foundation for a healthy transition.

Xiuyu officially transformed from traditional female beauty services to a family-based sub-health management experience center; Chunyu transformed into non-surgical skin management and high-end health care.

Xiuyu Group has started the construction of a digital Internet platform and the transformation of artificial intelligence to upgrade itself digitally and intelligently.

Show domain honor list

In 2007

Xiuyu won the honor of "Integrity Professional Beauty Agency" in Zhengzhou;

Xiuyu won the honor of "The Most Reliable Beauty Agency in Rongcheng" in Fuzhou;

In 2008

Xiuyu became a director unit of the China Health Care Association and a model shop of the ancient prescription diet and health research base of the China Health Care Association;

Xiuyu was awarded the "Best Fast-Slimming Weight Loss Agency" in Chengdu;

Xiuyu Company was awarded the "Top Ten Chain Companies in China and the United States in 30 Years of Reform and Opening" by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce;

In 2009

Li Xiaoning, the chairman of Xiuyu Company, was awarded the title of "National Red Banner Carrier" by the All-China Women's Federation;

In 2010

Chengdu Xiuyu large-scale song and dance "Dancing with Youth" was shortlisted for the Spring Festival Gala of Chengdu TV (CDTV-2);

Xiuyu was awarded the "2010 Most Favorite Beauty Brand by Women" jointly issued by the All China Women's Federation and the Brand China Industry Alliance;

2011 year

Xiuyu became the designated slimming and beauty organization for the "61st Miss World China Finals";

Xiuyu Company is honored to be the director unit of Fangyuan Honest and Clean Government of the Supreme People's Procuratorate of the People's Republic of China;


Xiuyu became the designated slimming and beauty agency for the "62nd Miss World China Finals";


Xiuyu was awarded the "2013 Future Star Top 100 Enterprises" and was the only shortlisted beauty and health care institution of the year.

2018 year

Li Xiaoning, Chairman of Xiuyu & Chunyu, was elected as the executive director of the management branch of China Plastic and Cosmetic Association

Hong Wei, the president of Chunyu Medical General Hospital, was hired as the vice president of the micro plastic surgery and anti-aging branch of the Sichuan Cosmetic Surgery Association.

As a strategic partner of Filorga Medical Annual Ceremony, Chunyu won the 2018 Falorga Medical Annual Ceremony-Best Partner of the Year Award.

Xiuyu Social Responsibility

Charity in action, show love!


公益日四川“最美巡护员”项目,秀域为阿拉善SEE生态协会筹款10.43万元 99 Public Welfare Day Sichuan "Most Beautiful Ranger" project, Xiuyu raised 104,300 yuan for Alxa SEE Ecological Association

2018 year

Xiuyu donated RMB 300,000 to Alxa SEE public welfare organizations

2017 year

Xiuyu donates RMB 50,000 to Alxa SEE public welfare organizations

2016 year

Xiuyu recognizes the desert water-saving millet-Alxa "Ren Xiaomi" 100 acres, and raised 340,000 yuan for Alxa SEE Ecological Association

2015 year

Xiuyu joined Alxa SEE and donated 900,000 yuan for the "100 million shuttle" ecological project


In the name of the company, Li Xiaoning, chairman of Xiuyu Company, donated 500,000 donations to the Ya'an earthquake-stricken area.


Xiuyu donated 10 million yuan to establish a rural teacher fund.

In 2010

Xiuyu donated 100,000 yuan to the "April 14" Yushu earthquake-stricken area to support the people in the disaster-stricken area and to rebuild their homes;

年12月 December 2008

Xiuyu contributed 450,000 yuan to help 50 extremely poor children in Shifang City in the disaster area;

年6月 June 2008

Xiuyu donated (including employee donations) donated 350,000 yuan. It recruited nearly one hundred nurses and organized more than one hundred volunteers in the company.

年5月 May 2008

The balance of 25,000 yuan donated by employees was purchased by the company into sports goods, sneakers, and books, which were donated directly to the children affected by Mianzhu to help them spend Children's Day.

年5月23日止 May 23, 2008

The company's national employees donated a total of 99,887.52 yuan, of which 75,000 yuan was donated to more than 30 colleagues affected by the disaster.

年5月16日至23日 May 16-23, 2008

The Chengdu company formed a disaster relief team to transport food, vegetables, water, medicines and other urgently needed materials worth more than 40,000 yuan to Mianzhu, Shifang and other hard-hit areas.

年5月16日 May 16, 2008

Through Henan, Jiangsu Red Cross and Chengdu Chunxi Chamber of Commerce donated nearly 30,000 yuan to the disaster area.

年5月14日 May 14, 2008

More than 80 nurses from the Chengdu company formed a volunteer team to go to the hospital and the hard-hit areas Dujiangyan and Pengzhou to support the medical rescue work in the affected areas.

年5月13日 May 13, 2008

Donated 30,000 yuan to the Sichuan Red Cross and donated more than 20,000 yuan to medicines.


management team

Li Xiaoning, Founder of Xiuyu

年03 月12 日出生 Born March 12, 1970

年毕业于西安交通大学管理系专业 [4] Graduated from the Management Department of Xi'an Jiaotong University in 1992 [4]

年加入雅芳公司 Joined Avon in 1997

年成长为四川分公司经理 In 2000 , he became the manager of Sichuan Branch.

任职于四川康新医疗集团 2002-2005 worked at Sichuan Kangxin Medical Group

年创办秀域美业美容有限公司,出任董事长兼总经理 Founded Xiuyu Beauty Industry Co., Ltd. in 2005 as chairman and general manager

年获得“四川省级三八红旗手” In 2008 won the "Sichuan Provincial March Eight Red Bannerman"

年6月,李晓宁女士荣膺中国十佳创业新锐! In June 2009, Ms. Li Xiaoning was named one of China's Top Ten Entrepreneurs!

年获“中国百佳成功创业女性”称号 In 2009 won the title of "China Top 100 Successful Entrepreneurship Women"

年9月22日,在隆重庆祝祖国60周年华诞之际,全国妇联将“全国三八红旗手”光荣称号授予全国为社会主义建设做出巨大贡献的杰出女性,秀域公司董事长李晓宁女士通过全国各级妇联的层层筛选,最终成为获奖者中的一员。 On September 22, 2009, on the occasion of the grand celebration of the 60th anniversary of the motherland, the All China Women's Federation awarded the honorable title of "National March Eight Red Flag Bearer" to outstanding women who have made great contributions to socialist construction nationwide. Ms. Li Xiaoning, Chairman of Xiuyu Through various layers of screening by the Women's Federations at all levels, they eventually became one of the winners.

年10月,出版《零损耗复制》一书,该书是对秀域前5年历史的阶段性总结;2011年12月,当选为2011影响成都的风尚人物;2011年,当选为中华全国工商联女企业家协会常务理事; In October 2010, a book called "Zero Loss Copy" was published, which is a step-by-step summary of the first five years of history of Xiuyu; in December 2011, he was elected as a popular figure influencing Chengdu in 2011; in 2011, he was elected as the nationwide Executive Director of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of the Federation of Industry and Commerce;

年,新作《秀域凭什么》一书出版。 In 2012 , a new book, "Why the Show?" Was published. In a special interview with People's Daily, this is the first service company interviewed by the central media; the book "Why is Xiuyu" published, reorganizing Xiuyu's development experience in the past three years.

年2月,当选成都市政协委员。 In February 2013, he was elected as a member of the Chengdu CPPCC. At the invitation of Peking University, he gave a lecture on "Life Choice and Entrepreneurship".

年,与著名糖尿病及其并发症专家王刚柱教授成立中唐糖尿病健康管理有限公司, In 2013 , he established Zhongtang Diabetes Health Management Co., Ltd. with Professor Wang Gangzhu, a well-known expert on diabetes and its complications.

Zhongtang Diabetes Health Management Co., Ltd. is the first company in China that specializes in scientific prevention, control and health management of diabetes. The chairman of Xiuyu Ms. Li Xiaoning is the president of Zhongtang.

2018 year

Li Xiaoning, Chairman of Xiuyu & Chunyu, was elected as the executive director of the management branch of China Plastic and Cosmetic Association